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Davis VantagePro2 Weather Station

general information
MAREC has a Davis VantagePro2 weather station installed on the roof, roughly 40 feet above the ground, of the facility.  The weather station is capable of measuring several environmental weather conditions.

The weather data can be useful when used in conjunction with MAREC's power generation data.  For example, solar radiation would be of interest when studying the performance of the solar panels, or wind speed and direction when studying the performance of the wind turbine.  The weather data can be compared with the performance of the power generating devices through data download since all of the archived data is date and time stamped.

Monitoring and archiving
The following measurements are displayed on the "Real-Time Monitoring" page.  The values are collected from the weather station and updated on the website every 5 seconds.  These measurements are also archived in the database every 15 minutes, and are available to download by date range on the "Data Download" page.

Barometric Pressure [inches of Hg]

Temperature [degrees F]

Wind Speed [mph]

Wind Speed [m/s]

Wind Direction [degrees]

Humidity [%]

Solar Radiation [W / m^2]

Daily Rain [inches]